About us


Since I was a child I wanted to be a tailor, I used to say I wanted to dress princes and princesses. I started working when I was 16 and in 2009 I started my own tailor’s shop, immediately focusing on historical feasts and re-enactments. My passion for history began much earlier and is mainly linked to my town and its Palio. I was a tambourine and I took part at historical parades often working on costumes with the other members of the Borgo Romano. I consider myself lucky because my job is my passion that I cultivate studying, doing research, trying and trying again to get a better result. I love traveling and visiting new re-enactments and markets, I hope to meet you on these occasionsi.


How do you not get excited about the adventurous events of the knights? As a child I used to play with castles and read the adventures of Robin Hood and King Arthur, when I grew up I discovered historical re-enactment. I started in 2004 and over the years I have had that evolution common to many enthusiasts of living history due to an increasingly in-depth (and never ending) research and attention to details. I met Monica in 2010 and after a summer of re-enactments and courtship began my adventure with her. I worked as a seller but over the years I started to contribute more and more to the tailoring activities. Since autumn 2016 it has become my full-time activity.